Parliament Speaker Meets Polish Senate Marshal

Zagreb – Croatia is grateful to Poland for its valuable contributions on Croatia's path to the European Union. Today Poland represents a good source of information on how to most efficiently use the EU funds, said the Croatian Parliament Speaker Boris Šprem after the meeting with the Marshal of the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz.

"I thanked the Senate Marshal for all that Poland has done to help Croatia attain its foreign policy objectives. We signed the Accession Treaty during the Polish Presidency of the European Union“, reminded Šprem after the meeting with Borusewicz. “Polish experience in absorbing EU funds is most valuable to us. A conference on the matter started yesterday”, said Šprem. Indeed, the Marshal of the Senate, Minister of Regional Development Elzbieta Bienkowska and other members of the Polish delegation met with Branko Grčić, Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development and EU Funds Management, in Split on Monday and took part in the conference on the possibilities of improving bilateral cooperation and particularly on Polish experience in accessing the European Union and in absorbing EU funds. 

Šprem thanked the Marshal of the Polish Senate for inviting him to Poland and wished him a successful organization of the forthcoming European Football Championship. Borusewitz also invited Šprem to his hometown Gdansk for the football match between Croatia and Spain.

Autor: Internet Editorial Staff/Hina