Czech Chamber of Deputies’ Health Committee Visited Sabor

Zagreb – The Health and Social Welfare Committee of the Croatian Parliament, chaired by Biljana Borzan, received the visit of a delegation of the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament. During their stay, the guests from the Czech Republic also held meetings with Josip Leko, Deputy Speaker, and Vladimir Bilek, MP representing the Czech and Slovak national minorities in the Croatian Parliament.

Biljana Borzan and the Czech Health Committee DelegationThe topics covered at the two analogue committees’ meeting were, among others, comparison of the Czech and Croatian healthcare systems, network of healthcare institutions, investments in illness prevention as an 'invest to save' measure, health insurance and development of modern medicine and technology.

As for the meeting with the minority's representative, it was concluded that the Czech national minority in Croatia, numbering over twenty thousand people, was the best organized Czech national minority in the world. In addition, it was underlined that in the segment of national minorities’ rights Croatia's Constitution exceeded the standards of many other countries in the European Union.

During the meeting with the Deputy Speaker, the Czech MPs confirmed the Lower House of the Czech Parliament would ratify Croatia’s EU Accession Treaty at its next plenary session.

Autor: Internet Editorial Staff