Šprem Welcomes ELSA Students

Zagreb – Croatian Parliament Speaker Boris Šprem took part in today’s simulated parliamentary debate held in the Parliament’s conference hall and organized by the Croatian branch of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). This year the traditional Parliament Simulation Project gathered participants from five law faculties in Zagreb, Osijek, Split and Rijeka who debated on the bill on riots prevention at sporting events.

The Speaker presented to the students the work of the Parliament, parliamentary committees and the legislative procedure. “It has been hard to promote a positive image of the Parliament recently, many surveys show it has been tarnished in the eyes of the public”, he said and announced amendments to the Rules of Procedure as well as the adoption of MPs’ Code of Conduct aimed at enhancing the Parliament’s public image. “I believe the ambiance in the Croatian Parliament will be much different in autumn”, Šprem said. The students wanted to know, among other things, about the ways Croatian observers in the European Parliament will be delivering reports on their work to the Croatian Parliament.

ELSA (The European Law Students' Association) is the largest non-profit-making and non-political organization of law students and recent law graduates, enjoying a consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council and the Council of Europe. ELSA was founded in Vienna in 1981 and currently has branches in 35 European countries and more than 30 000 members from 200 law faculties. ELSA operates at three levels: local, national and international. ELSA International headquarters are located in Brussels.

Autor: Internet Editorial Staff/Hina