Parliament elects Conflict of Interest Commission members but not chair

Zagreb - Parliament on Friday did not elect a Conflict of Interest Commission chair as neither Natasa Novakovic nor Dalija Oreskovic, who chaired it until the end of her term on February 11, received the required 76 votes, while four members were elected.

Novakovic received 75 votes and Oreskovic 46, Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic said, adding that the vote would be repeated.

Of the 151 members of parliament, 127 voted for the new Commission chair. Six of the ballots were invalid.

The four elected Commission members are Tatijana Vucetic, Davorin Ivanjek, Aleksandra Jozic Ilekovic, and Toncica Bozic.

Vucetic and Ivanjek were re-elected. (Hina)

Autor: Hina